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My girl.. and the love i got for her

I want to claim Brittani queerpunkme

Becuz.. -ahem-
What do you do when you cant tell something to the only person you can tell everything to? Just thinking about this girl makes me smile... Just thinking about her voice after i hang up the phone makes me wanna call her back just to hear her on her voice mail one last time befor i go to bed. Even all the text messages I get randomly thru out the day make me smile. It could be something as simple as "Hi" and Ill get butterflies. Is that normal? Is what we have something ordinary like any other girl ive ever dated? Or is it different with her? By different,what I mean is, can talk to about anything, call up in the middle of the night crying, make breakfeast together, be on the phone not saying a word but everythings still okay becuz i know your there, different? Did I fall in love with an image i built up of you in my head, are you just too good to be true, should i pinch myself to find out if this is real.. type love? I miss you even befor you get back into your car to leave my drive way. And ill miss you when you hang up the phone tonite. But I know youll be missing me too.. while I text message you one last time to say "Good nite my sweet girl, you are beautiful yet again while you sleep." Untill i talk to you in the morning, Ill be thinking of you, and when i talk to you after lunch ill quitly whisper to myself god i love you.. if you only knew.
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