Ally Timberlake-Brody-Fallon the 3rd (badhartdboytrap) wrote in just_love,
Ally Timberlake-Brody-Fallon the 3rd

I'd like to claim Justin Timberlake. :D

I'm quite surprised I don't see his name already claimed! I absolutely adore Justin. I have since 7th grade. I'm now about to be a freshman in college and I can't get enough. He's an extremely talented, spiritual, funny, and sweet person. Well, I can vouch for the last 3 of those only from what I've seen in the press. He has this voice that can either make me melt or make me cry. To never have been in love or had my heart broken, Justin's music has been able to make me feel certain emotions I haven't felt before with his words and his musical style. He's also ballsy, confident, and at sometimes cocky. He's real, he doesn't bullshit, and I love that. So yeah, I just love Justin Timberlake.
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