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First Post

I claim Ville Valo of the band HIM as my love.


I have been obsessed with HIM and Ville Valo for two years now. I have collected over 2000 photos altogether of the band, almost half of which are Ville. I have printed out dozens of pictures to cover my entire room with Ville and the things he likes personally like Nightmare Before Christmas and Motorhead. I have all of their CDs and singles that I had to have imported because none of their music is sold in America yet. I also have more HIM merch and I have bought tons of things that Ville has like his guitar and bass, his beanie, shirts, shoes, pants, belts, CDs, etc. I host a HIM website (that's switching servers right now or else I would post a link) that's updated frequently. It was even linked on the official HIM site ( without me even asking for it to be. I got in contact with BMG Finland (where they have their recording contract) and had a personal autographed poster of Ville sent to me for free because I have done so much for the band. I spend 100s of dollars sending HIM CDs all over the world to support them and promote their music. When Ville, Mige, and Linde of HIM were recording their latest CD in Los Angeles last December with Tim Palmer, I tracked down the hidden studio that they were at and also got in touch with Tim Palmer. We talked alot (and still do talk) about the CD and what it was going to sound like and how great the recordings were going every day, and eventually, Tim gave a link to my website and pictures of me to the band and they commented back to me about it saying that they were happy people like me want to do this kind of thing for them.

I think this is enough information for now... I'll write more some other time if you really want/need it. Lol.
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