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just_love's Journal

Got Love?
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Are you in love with someone? Do you think you have what it takes to call yourself obsessed? Would you like to try and prove it?

Or maybe you just want this crappy introduction to end?

Well, if you love someone and you want to make it known, then join! We hold contests, give out gifts, and just spread the love!

Please, however, read these rules before you decide to join:

Rules of the Community

1). I don't care who you're in love with. For all I care, it could be Mr. T. It's up to you who you want to swoon over. This can even be a Livejournal User.

2). You've got to pick ONE person, and make them known. Meaning, that you can't talk about someone else you love until you have proved to me that you are absolutely infatuated with the first person. Yes, this is sort of a contest. The more I am convinced, the more people you get to love! I will also keep track of who you have loved, in a list.

3). I changed this one. After giving it a lot of thought, I've made it so... yes, you may claim your person and he will be just yours. Nobody will be able to snatch them up. HOWEVER, I will not let you have a character if you state that you just think they are hot. Please read the next rule and see why.

4). In order to convince me, all you need to do is write out a heart-felt essay on why you love them. Please refrain from stuff like "he/she's hot", because I'm TRYING to get you to be a little more deep then that.

4). DO NOT THREATEN ANYBODY. If I hear about anyone threatening anybody else, then you automatically get kicked out of the community, and you lose everyone you've recieved. I may also report you to the livejournal staff if things get really out of hand

5). If you'd like to help me out, I am always looking for people who have wonderful graphic design. If you can make banners or other little trinkets well, then you might have a chance at recieving another person! Yes, I also like a little ass kissing now and then ^o^.

6). I will hold contests from now and then. The main contest is being able to convince me of your undying love for someone. But other, easier contests will be held so you can have a break from creating huge lists about your loved one. I know it might seem a little unfair to make it so you have to earn your first love, but isn't that how love usually is? If you really love them, you'll work for it. You'll find that the reward is far greater.

7). HAVE FUN! You are allowed to speak your mind here, and don't worry about any sort of censorship. You can swear and be vulgar to a point. I will, however, not tolerate any sort of bashing that includes the discrimination of: race, sexuality, or religion. If you do that, then you are automatically kicked out. No warning. Just the shame of having made a stupid mistake. :P

Now, sorry for the long list. If you think you want to do this, then please join!

This entire userinfo page was written by the previous owner who did the most wonderful job in keeping the place up, lady_riddel. Unfortunately, she felt she could not take care of it any longer, so she's handed it over to the one who is in charge of it now, sibuxiang. ^_^ So if you have any questions, you can get ahold of meh. I pretty much agree with everything she's said, so the same rules do apply. *nod*

This community gives credit to all of the _names communities out there, who gave me a good idea of what to do with this place. And also to sight, who is the founder of all things pertaining to obsession. :P