Sari (betterintype) wrote in just_love,

I claim Elijah :-D

I would like to claim Elijah Wood because:

Not only is he an incredible actor, but he is also a child actor as well. Except he hasn't gone though all the drug abuse and rehab things that other child actors have gone through.

He loves his mom to pieces, and is very selfless when it comes to buying things. I do believe he bought the house his mom lives in and gave it to her for a gift along with a car.

He's a geek and proud of it. Family is very dear to him. I admire this man greatly.

Now for my obsessive part about him: He's hot (duh), He's the subject of many-a fanfictions that I read/write. He's my LJ background and all three icons. He was on two of my layouts for my personal website. I roleplay as his girlfriend online. I went to see Spy Kids 3D just because he was in it for a minute and a half. I'm working on seeing every movie he's been in. He frequents my dreams.

nope... not obsessed... ;-)
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